Window Sash Recycling

Window sash recycling is not really as strange as it may sound. In this current day of 'stuff' consider that everything that is aquired is replacing something else. We seem to live in the Disposable Age. Every thing eventually gets disposed of. Where does it go? Usually to a landfill. There are people out there shouting at us that we must recycle! I am afraid the problem is that not enough other people are listening!

If you would care to try to do a painting of your own in a sash,please toake a look at the how to section

I live in one of the very few states of the union where recycling is becoming mandatory. When I talk to friends from other states where it isn't, I just shake my head in wonder! Why isn't it? It should be! If it keeps up long enough, the whole world is going to be filled with junk. The small town that I live in was one of the first locally, to begin to recycle. Because of that, the town got a government grant to cover the cost of two bins for each household. One for the paper group, and one for the container group. It couldn't be any easier for the residents!

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My own personal way of recycling window sashes occured to me out of the blue one day. I had been reverse painting on glass for a year or so, and was cleaning up the yard. There was an old window sash leaning against the work shop.I wanted to get it out of the way, so I picked it up, to put in the truck with other garbage. Then I thought, "that glass pane already has it's own picture frame." Being no stranger to furniture refinishing, I carried it into the shop, instead. The rest is history. Probably somewhere between 30% and 50% of my paintings now are done in window sashes. Window sash recycling is also done by making them into coffee tables and end tables. The window sash itself forns the top of the table.


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