Glass Painting Patterns

Glass painting patterns like this are so very easy to paint! This is step 1 of the first pattern that I made for beginners to use for reverse painting on glass.

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To make your own glass painting pattern, it just requires a little bit more work. Use a photograph of what you want to paint, Get it resized for the painting you want to do, and start painting the last thing that came into the picture first. The last thing I'm talking about might be the light reflectionin an eye, or a drop of water that splashed. Just think about the chain of events causing the picture, and start painting.

The paintings above were done from patterns that I made for instructions and kits. It is available to those who would like to try reverse painting on glass.

The instructions include step by step details, with graphics to show exactly where everything goes. Complete instructions, starting at $3 per pair of paintings are available. See more on the

These are more patterns that I am currently working on to have available on the

How To Reverse Paint on Glass

Materials needed to Paint on Glass

Glass painting patterns are not hard to come by. All it relly takes is spotting something that you like to look at.

You tell me that you can't draw? Neither can I. You don't have to. You can trace it on to tracing paper. After that, you can lay your glass on top of it, and then paint it.

For those of you that still want the pattern laid out in steps, I'm in a continual state of doing just that. After work, I spend time working on reverse glass painting kits for beginners.

The hard part fo me is writing the intructions. That takes the most time.

When you begin, choose a simple subject, and don't overdo the back ground. If you want to paint horses, concentrate on the horses; not the background.

It will save you much time and heartburn.

When you need glass painting patterns for a reverse glass painting, the biggest part is getting it in the size that is neeeded!

The first step is to find a picture of what you want to paint.

With some, it might be muscle cars, and with others, it might be wild animals that they find to be beautiful. As long as the subject of your pattern to paint gass is interesting enough for you to finish the project, that's all that is needed.

Callendars are a great source of subject matter. Many of those callendar photos were taken by professional photographers, and how much better than that can it get? Glass painting patterns are the first thing you will want to consider when creating a painting. So, start with something you want to look at!

The first thing the painter will want to consider, is the subject, or the pattern of the reverse glass painting.

In starting anything new it's always best to begin with baby steps to avoid tripping, so keep it simple.

After reverse glass painting for 8 or 9 years now, and making mistakes along the way,

I began to develop a few glass painting patterns that were not only very attractive, but also very simple; at times to the point of elegance.

Please feel free to download, copy, and use any of the patterns that I have made for this exact purpose. I did work with them myself, after drawing them, and it took less than two hours to complete, when using simple patterns for glass painting.

If you would like to keep up with what is currently happening, please feel free to subscribe to the blog page by clicking on the RSS/blog feed in the upper left corner of this page. That’s where you can find out what is currently in progress in the studio and elsewhere.

In every painting, a point is reached when there is enough detail, and any more will do nothing but detract from the main pattern. please, " Just the facts, Maam ".

Some very simple patterns can be made by just drawing something as easy as a lady in a red dress.

One way to make your own glass painting patterns is to take a photograph of the desired subject, adjust it's size to the size you would like to work with, Tape it to te back side, the side of the glass that you are not painting on.

The next step is to 'draw' the outlines of the last things that went into the painting.

After this is done, you may or may not want to remove the photo from the back side of the glass. If you leave it there while you're painting, it will provide a wonderful pre cast allignment to work with.

If you remove it, you will be working with your imagination, and end up with a painting truely your own. It's a win win situation.

Depending on one's personal preferance, there are so many places to find patterns to use for reverse painting on glass, or design your own glass painting pattern from a photograph.

There are some absolute beauties in books, such as Coloring Mandalas, by Susanne F. Fincher. This book has many patterns of Circles of the Sacred Feminine.

The public library is still a wonderful source for such things. Childrens coloring books will also provide some basic patterns to use, and don't forget the beauty of simplicity, especially for a beginner.

I will be adding a few of my own patterns to this page in the near future, so please keep this site on your favorites list.

Another place to look is under photography on the internet. I found so many wild animals that the photographers offer to artists to use for art purposes. What a supply!

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