Reverse Glass Painting

* reverse glass painting,

* antique paintings on glass,

* artists who paint on glass,

* glass painting patterns,

* how you too can paint on glass to satisfy your own creative needs.

* In addition to the instructions for how to paint in reverse on glass, you will also find a how to section for doing monotypes.

* You can find the how to do it sections,

* a few of my own patterns for your use,

* lists of materials to use.

* It only requires imagination and some time, and the results are so rewarding!

* To subscribe to the free updates on my blog page,Click on the XML/RSS feed in upper left corner. This is where I post what's going on with my art, my life, and how they relate to each other!

* If you would like to go straight to the meat, and see the reverse paintings on glass, go to the GALLERIES page, and choose the exact gallery you want to visit.

* Even for people who have never in their life tried to paint, this can be a wonderful place to start!

* This is an absolutely great way to get children involved in art. In any event, I do hope that you'll be able to find something that you're looking for.

* You're also welcome to take a look in my galleries to see the reverse glass paintings that I have done.

* This could give you some ideas of what you want to do, or just some window shopping fodder! I'll continue to add to it if you will continue to come visit again!


Reverse Glass Painting Blog
Reverse painting on glass is an art form that is different than painting on canvass in that the most minute details are painted first, and not last.
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